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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A further Mobile Live Broadcasting Application

Next2Friends is another personal live video broadcasting application for smartphones as described at
Live Broadcasting from a Mobile Phone. Videos become streamed live to the Next2Friends community and are stored at own community blogs. The Next2Friends mobile broadcasting service works by a software, which has to be installed at a smartphone. To use the service one needs to join the community by the website to get a blog for the videos. After installing the software and joining the community you are ready to stream live broadcasts from your mobile phone. The video streams may be watched live by at the community and by friends. Streamed videos are stored and ready to become embedded at websites or shared by links.

And there are a couple of further features at the community. It is also a video sharing site to upload videos and with ratings. It is a social network to get in touch with like minded people. The service is photo enabled, too, for photo sharing and there is a function to ask friends or community members for their opinion about a subject you made a photo about. There is also a function called proximity tagging, which means that you can go in touch with other users nearby you in real life by bluetooth. Last but not least they are offering an online video editing software to work out stored videos. Visit Next2Friends here.

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