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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Business: What about Paid Postings?

Business Thursday: Blogging has become most popular with millions of blogs around. Some bloggers are blogging for fun and others do run a serious business. The latter is due even for established publishing companies, which do add blogs to their networks as a new publishing format or to get readers involved. There are also new and independent publishing companies arising by establishing whole networks of blogs. So professional weblogs have become a medium for independents and established media alike. Bloggers even have become a journalist status in the US. Some popular blogs are rated with some million dollars.

If you are serious with blogging, you will need good content and as a company you probably are eager to become involved with the blogoshere and product related weblogs. To get good content in regular terms might not be easy. You may report about own experiences or read press releases. Another way is to get topics delivered by companies and to write about products. There are several markets connecting bloggers and companies to get connected for postings. At these markets companies are paying to become featured. By this it is called paid postings.

But before you may go down to business be aware that there are some regulations for commercial posts. Commercial posts must be indicated as commercial. This is not much, but this needs to be happen by law. Usually this happens by a sponsoring message or the like. To get further information you may visit DisclosurePolicy.org and the The WOMMA Ethics Code.

For paid postings there are a couple of services around, which all do have some minimum requirements for participating bloggers. At all of them there is a minimum amount of 10 to 12 common blog postings and there might be a minimum amount of traffic, too. The first of them is PayPerPost.com. Their service is dedicated to general topics like websites or products. ReviewMe is a more specialized service dedicated to product reviews and promoting them. Last but not least there is SponsoredReviews.com, which again is for products and services in general. SponsoredReviews.com may become recommended, as by brief terms they got the easiest sign up procedure.

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