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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A global Social Network by WiFi Access

WeFi is a social network and community of WiFi access points and users, which is a high speed wireless standard used in home networking and for internet access mostly at notebooks and by particular mobile phones. The WeFi network now has reached over 1 million access points as communicated lately. Founded just about two years ago it has already become a global network, which is enabled by a free software. The software is a wifi finder, which locates the fastest hotspots around and does automaticly connect to it. To find a hotspot around there is a map feature to locate the nearest and suitable location offering wifi internet access. The network is growing by the users as participants of the network are encouraged to gather information about wifi access points. Also owners and suppliers of internet access points are welcome to add own hotspots to the listing. Actually there are about 10 new access points added every minute.

And it is also a global community with chat and a social network with information sharing features. The software enables a location based network to get connected and to find new friends nearby by location sharing. Connecting and location sharing may even happen by a map. Last but not least there are APIs and widgets to integrate with other social networks like facebook and twitter.

This service for sure is useful for travellers and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Location based information would be a nice feature.

1 Kommentare:

The Web Sandman. said...

WeFi is indeed a fresh new idea, and I really liked the way they use Twitter to find where people are connected in real-time.

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