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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Twitter Phenomenon and useful Tools

You probably know Twitter. It is a micro blogging and social networking service launched in 2006. Now Twitter has above one million users as reported by Techcrunch. This makes the service interesting for various purposes. Networking at micro blogging services may happen on the web or by mobile messaging. This makes it a converged media between the internet and mobile communications. When Twitter started they had an interface with all messages shown up at their homepage. This interface is still available for members and looks like Twitter Spy. If you were not a member you may have wondered what happens and why people tell the world about what they are doing. This is still a phenomenon. But there is a clearer statement now at the homepage introducing Twitter as a tool to stay connected with people you know. And this is very useful, e.g. for conference updates and any other important things happen. Twitter is very fast. Some information about important occurances like the earthquake in china have been reported at Twitter first. If you want do know further basics, you may read the introduction to Twitter and introduction to micro blogging at Wikipedia.

There are a lot of useful tools available to get the most out of Twitter. To get up to date information there are bots, which do automaticly inform about particular topics. There are a couple of bots and applications available at ReTweet and by Twitter Apps at the official blog. Another way to find up to date information is by real time search like it is offered by Summize and Tweet Scan. Last but not least you may find information by tagging as it is supplied by Twemes.

If you are a member you may look for new friends with similar interests and follow their updates. To find people with particular interests you may use Caboose Twifter or the Calculate the Twitter Quotient tool. To find most active members there is TwitDir or Twitterholic. The Twitter Pack Project is about recommending members by their interests and profiles.

There will be a follow up to this posting related to market research. So keep in touch by the emediablogger newsfeed. Meanwhile you may find further information at the official Twitter Blog and at Twitter Facts.

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