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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Watching Films together online with Friends and at a Digital Film Festival

Online video showrooms are places where one can watch videos together with friends. This may happen by special software and actually there even happens an online film festival in a 3d virtual reality environment, where people can watch films together like being in a cinema.

At first there is SeeToo, a service offering simultaneous video viewing for friends. To show and watch a film SeeToo offers an application, which works by a plugin. The one who wants to show something chooses a video similar like it happens at a file sharing service. After this a link will be generated. The link has to be sent to a friend. By this the video can be watched together and chat may happen by using an instant messaging program. You can watch a video introduction at the SeeToo homepage.

Actually simultaneous video viewing too happens at a film festival online. The Bitfilm Festival is dedicated to digital films and film making. The festival is arranged by the Bitfilm Network, a community for film and media professionals. For the festival they have opened up the Bitropolis Room at Twinity, a virtual reality world and commmunity. Unfortunately the sign up process is a bit complicated as the Twinity community is in beta. To get to the festival at its best you follow the instructions at the Bitfilm Festival Homepage. Will we meet there?

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