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Monday, August 18, 2008

Live Blogging, Stream your Posts

Cover it Live is an amazing live blogging application. It enables live streaming of posts similar to a news ticker, which visitors and viewers can read and watch without reloading and scrolling. This is most convenient for events or reporting. Posts do appear immediately and may contain images, photos and videos. Visitors are able to comment and to participate in polls in realtime, too, by a chat like input. Results of polls do immerdiately appear within the stream. Further features are the integration of related news and recommendations. After finishing a live session a streams containing all media and polls may become stored and made available for later access.

It is a hosted solution that may easily become integrated at blogs and homepages and which is available in various languages. For further information there is a demo video at the Cover it Live homepage. For other live application see the label live at the top of the blog.

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