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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Affiliate Marketing at the Social Web

Business Thursday: This is another "Business Thursday" edition dedicated to social media business. The issue is affiliate marketing, which might become described as a special kind of blogvertising. What makes affiliate marketing something unique is the media currency. Usually at affiliate marketing the media currencies are pay per lead or pay per sale opposite to pay per view and pay per click at internet advertising in general. This is why it is called performance marketing, too. Affiliate marketing is advantageous for both parties, if the advertising platform is targeting a niche or specific. This is due as by this advertisers may get sales without enormous expenses in advertising. Parts of these savings may went into the pockets of the blogger or website publisher. So affiliate marketing is most advantageous and might work better than advertising, if a topic meets the adverts. Advertisers might find relevant blogs or other social media pages by toplists as mentioned at Searching for the latest Blogger News and the Live Web.

Similar to blogvertising there are some affiliate networks specialized in weblogs because of the peculiarities like niches, low reach or special formats already described at the former article about blogvertising. One network specialized in affiliate marketing at weblogs is BlogKits. They are offering banner advertising for sidebars and text advertising to be placed below postings. The latter is similar to paid postings and indeed, too, BlogKits is offering something called paid reviews.

boo-box is another affiliate network specialized in social media. They are offering in text advertising and widgets. By in text advertising parts of a text automaticly become links. These links refer to advertised products and shops. Widgets are small but rich internet applications, which may display information or products. Both are used for performance marketing at boo-box.

Especially affiliate or commerce widgets are used on blogs and for social media marketing in general and might be used at social media homepages, too.

2 Kommentare:

Kamila said...


Thank you for writing about boo-box on your blog.

Why don't you start using it? You will get incredible results.

Thank you again

Team boo-box.

emediablogger said...

Hello Team boo-box

Thanks for your attention. I have just started this blog a couple of weeks ago, so I may start to use boo-box later.

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