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Friday, July 04, 2008

Advertising at Weblogs, Blogvertising

Business Thursday: Weblogs are popular and so became advertising at blogs. It is a way for bloggers to monetize beside paid postings and for marketers to reach a new and often engaged audience. Advertising at weblogs is called blogvertising, which indicates that it is something in particular. This might be the audience, which often is a niche, the reach, the size of adverts and the position of ads at the pages or even a special code of a blog. Bloggers might want control of the ads shown. There are a couple of advertising networks around, which have specialized in blogvertising. As it is popular blogvertising has become embraced by common advertising networks, too.

BlogAds is such a network specialized in blogvertising. What makes it special at BlogAds is that they are selling ads for a fixed period of time opposite to the common pay per click or pay per view. Bloggers got control of the ads they show. The BlogHer Ad Network is a great example of what blogvertising means for niches. BlogHer is a network of weblogs by women and the ad network serving just this community.

CrispAds again is different. Ads are supplied automaticly by an advertising server as it usually happens at advertising networks. But bloggers are able to get ads targeted by choosing relevant topics. CrispAds is offering a broader choice of media currencies like pay per click, pay per acquisition and pay per view. Another specialized advertising network is Smorty. Smorty offers pay per click advertising and paid blog posts.

Last but not least there is SocialSpark. SocialSpark is a marketplace connecting bloggers and advertisers. Opposite to the blogvertising services named above blog publishers are able to negotiate with marketers directly and negotiate terms. Furthermore SocialSpark is a blogger community to find friends and to exchange ideas with like minded publishers.

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