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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blog Statistics, Tools and Visitor Analytics

Business Thursday: There are a couple of statistical services specialized to weblogs and to analyse blog visitors. This delivers the needed knowledge to run a weblog the professional and commercial way as metrics and statistics are needed to sell e.g. adverts.

A free weblog statistics tool is Blog Tracker by IceRocket, a weblog search engine. Blog Tracker is counting the number of visitors and pages visited. It does analyse the locations visitors are coming from and their technical equipment. Everything is visualized and easy to overview. The integration into a blog is done by a simple code.

Another statistics and analytical tool that can be used at blogs is Google Analytics. This is a most comfortable tool. If you want to sell something this is the right tool for you as it is able to track visitor movements and sales. Elsewise you may have some stats that you do not need. Google does also operate Measure Map. This service has some very interesting analytical features related to blogs as it is able to track the number of comments, links or posts. Unfortunately they do not allow new customers actually, but do offer an announcement list.

FeedJit is another nice statistical service for bloggers offering some unique features. There are several widgets, which display information about the location of visitors and about the content of a blog. The location widgets show where visitors are coming from and where they do leave. The content widgets do recommend related posts or posts by popularity.

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