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Friday, July 11, 2008

HD Video, a Reality on the Internet

Today everyone should have heard about HD Video and most internet people should be equipped with a Full HD or HD Ready tv set or device already. This is what one may expect from a techie. But do you have content to view or listen to? The hd video scene is a bit confusing. There are tv sets ready for hd but mostly there is no hd content. High definition on tv for everyone is something that is expected in the near future.

But there is one single and large platform ready to deliver hd video. And yes, it is the internet. It is indeed the largest continuous network for hd video today. There has been an article about hd media with a statement that even most hd drives (60 percent) become build into computers today. This of course is something interesting as one may expect hd content and hd viewers at the internet. By available hd equipment like digital cams you may even expect hd content producers there. And this is happening, too. But hd video on the internet is a bit different to common video sharing communities. Whereas everyone may participate, mostly it is a semi professional environment.

For example there is Dovetail. It is a video community for indie filmmakers to show their stuff and for film fans to watch. Videos at Dovetail are free and may happen in high definition. A similar community is Jaman. Here you get free films, but you may rent videos, too. Both communities do feature festival films. Last but not least there is VideoCommunity, a community for film enthusiasts and producers.

But common video sharing communities will embrace hd, too. A couple of services already do offer video sharing and storage for hd formatted videos. For hd video sharing there are Dailymotion, Viddyou with Full HD and Vimeo.

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