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Sunday, July 27, 2008

3D Graphics and Social Media are getting closer

There are a couple of social media networks with 3d virtual reality features. These are standing as social networks for their own but do enable a 3d and virtual reality experience at other social media services, too, by offering 3d virtual reality environments as enhancements to the social media space. Their tools do enable to create 3d worlds to integrate multimedia and to make representations. It is a trend to 3d worlds to integrate social media features and both 3d virtual reality worlds and social media are hot trends that may merge.

MyMiniLife is a virtual reality world and a social network. Furthermore created virtual environments may become integrated at other social media services to become shown to the network and friends. It is a complete virtual world with avatars and proprietary rooms. By an own marketplace there are even business opportunities to sell stuff like wallpapers and other items.

SceneCaster is a similar community. People and professionals may create personal rooms and environments or real virtual meeting rooms and the like. SceneCaster environments are available by a Facebook application, may become integrated at weblogs and are accessible at the community itself. There are commercial features, too.

Vivaty is another one, which actually is only available to Facebook and AIM users. This application is completely browser based and works by a browser plugin.

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