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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Domain Name Market, Facts and News

Domains are an essential part of the internet and trading domain names sometimes hot as nothing elses. This year the domain fund.com has set a new record by being sold for 10 million USD, pizza.com has been sold for 2,6 million and creditcards.com for 2.75 million.

The reason why domain names become such hot assets simply is because they are rare. There is just one domain name exactly suiting a particular term or description. Whereas there are a couple of country domains, there is just one domain name in a particular market. Last but not least the dot com domains are the most popular domain names getting the highest prices.

There are a couple of advantages for premium domain names. At first people like them and they do trust services with premium names. Because of this choosing a domain name should be a part of the marketing mix and a part of branding. This is due for everyone either for choosing a name for social media activities or for a real enterprise.

Another reason why premium domain names have become such hot assets is because a significant name may influence the ranking at the search engine result pages, which means more visitors. Trading domain names is a serious business, with has been examined in a study about The secondary market for domain names.

Choosing a name for a business wisely is something important as this name will be used for a long time. At internet marketing there are two strategies for choosing a name, which means choosing a domain name, too. The first is to build a brand with an outstanding name easy to remember. The second way is to choose a descriptive name. The latter might be a premium domain name as a brand name. For the first way there is a nice and helpful service. Name This helps start ups to find a suitable name.

The importance of a name might be shown by the case of business.com. The domain business.com has set the record for a domain name sale in 1999, when it has been sold for 7,5 million USD. Meanwhile a successful business has been developed at this domain and Business.com has become sold for 345 million USD in 2007 to a yellow pages publisher.

Finding a decriptive premium domain name is something tough today. Whereas it is not necessarily the big business mentioned above, most one word and even two word combinations are just no longer available. Finding the right name may start with a keyword research for your business. As you probably will not be able to get the wanted name by registration you may try to buy one at a domain name market.

In the future the domain name business may change as the internet authority ICANN announced important changes to the domain name system in the press release Biggest Expansion to Internet in Forty Years Approved for Implementation. New domain endings will be available and by this premium names will become available once again. But affects to the domain business probably will be just slightly as alternative domain endings like dot info and dot biz have never reached the popularity of the dot com domains.

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