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Friday, July 04, 2008

Some Stats about the Live Video Scene

At the first posting about Live Broadcasting from a Mobile Phone there has been a "vague estimation" about usage number for live video broadcasting with about some thousand actively participating people. Now some numbers have been published about a similar live video service on the internet. It is about Stickam, a live web cam chat community. At Stickam, too, people may set up own channels and stream live. Other people may join such a channel to talk with each other. So whereas this does not exactly meets the issue of personal broadcasting as described above it is live video, too.

The interesting thing is that the Stickam community has the large amount of two million members as reported at the article Stickam Top Online Video Site For Teens: Nielsen. The data comes from Nielsen Online, a media rating company. At the Stickam homepage the number of streams served is mentioned with nearly two billion actually. The Stickam community is most popular with young people. By the button live streams there is a listing of live channels. Live shows got between a few up to above 1000 viewers. The numbers at rankings are really impressive. There are shows with up to about 50000 daily viewers, 700000 weekly and 3000000 monthly viewers. The all time high is claimed by Leo Laporte with above 7000000 views, a channel about information technology.

We will see what happens, when people are equipped.

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