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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Searching for the latest Blogger News and the Live Web

Blogs and the social web are fast media. This is why the social space is named the Live Web. As mentioned at the post about Twitter it is sometimes faster than established news channels. That may wonder or not. It is the power of one billion internet and two billion mobile users, who are just everywhere. To keep pace with the news might be nice or even necessary. To do so there are a couple of services and tools available and specialized social media research services.

Lately the Addictomatic search engine launched, which is dedicted to the live web. Addictomatic searches the social space for news, photos and videos. Users may personalize the search to get an own dashboard. There is another feature called NewsFix, which displays up to date news.

A great place for blog news or rather a must is Technorati, which is a blogger community, too. Technorati monitors the blogosphere in real time and makes news available by topics or search. News are displayed by popularity, which makes it usable for trend research. Related to news at blogs there are particular features like popularity index and authority to find out what is most important at the blogosphere. Researcher may personalize their research and monitor names or subjects. For further research and blogging tools have a look at the homepage. If you like to meet, visit my Technorati Profile.

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