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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ping Tools for Blog, Feed and Podcast Promotion

Business Thursday: Blog and newsfeed readers mostly find their ways to the information source by search engines or links from other pages or blogrolls. Further ways to promote blogs and feeds are submissions to blog and newsfeed directories and search engines. Most of these blog and newsfeed directories do support pings. Pings are messages send to the server of a directory informing the server about updates of the information resource. Some directories or search engines do allow submissions by pinging. Others do only accept update messages by pinging, if a source has been submitted already. Because of this manual submissions are the best way to assure that a source is listed at a particular directory. Ping services are available for blogs, newsfeeds and podcasts.

Autopinger delivers pings for blog updates and podcasts. They got a list of english spoken services and services in other languages.

Feedshark is a general online tool for pinging. It accepts the sending of blog, newsfeed and podcast updates.

King Ping does carry out blog and podcast pings. There is a tool that will check back for new updates automaticly.

Ping-o-Matic is rather dedicated to blog updates, but allows mentioning particular feed urls. It submits updates to blog directories and some specialized services for podcasts and geo location.

Last but not least there are ways to automate the ping process. Usually this is done by a code, that needs to be added to a blog. Information about how to automate pings and update messages are mostly available at faq pages at particular services.

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