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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Comments, Enrichment and Monitoring Tools

Business Thursday: If you are on the social web, you want to communicate. A way to participate at the blogosphere and to discuss issues is by commenting. Comments are a great way to express yourself and for bloggers a way to enrich their weblogs and to increase the stickyness. This is great because interactivity is the reason why people are at the social web. If you are engaged with commenting either by having fun or in a professional way, you will need a tool to follow the dialogues you do participate in or which you aim to follow by interest.

coComment is a useful tool to track own comments and to be informed about answers by others. Even comments by others and third party conversations may be monitored and watched. At this service there are further tools like toplists of most commented posts or stories and website integration tools to share comments and to let own blog readers or website visitors participate in a conversation. Last but not least it is a social media community of commenters for making new contacts with others.

To enrich a weblog and to provide a better and more comfortable comment system there is Intense Debate. With Intense Debate people can track comments and follow them by a newsfeed. People may show their profiles and use this function for reputation management. Too, it is usable to enrich a website as comments are assorted by threads and users may engage in comment rating.

Another tool for the enrichment of a weblog and to engage visitors is PostReach. This tool encourages users to leave a comment and increases the stickyness by suggesting other post to the readers.

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