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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More 3D Applications for an Immersive Web Experience

Virtual reality and social media applications and services are merging to enrich the customer experience and the features of blogs and websites as described in 3D Graphics and Social Media are getting closer. This scenario is described by the term immersive web. At the immersive web applications or services become embedded at others, which may lead to something like an aggregated or holistic experience.

There have been a couple of new 3d virtual reality services coming up, which do enable the integration into other sites or services, too.

Lively is a virtual world supplied by Google. It is a virtual reality chat and lets users create avatars and rooms. The rooms can become integrated at own web sites. Room owners may even cooperate with friends and others in designing their virtual space.

WebFlock by The Electric Sheep Company is a premium enterprise solution, which includes a complete range of entertainment and commerce features. It is flash based and by this usable by most users. The brandable and customizable solution is available by the software as a service business model.

Something special seems to come up with Myrl, which is actually in private beta. According to the description at the website this seems to become something similar to virtual worlds like social network aggregators are to the social web.

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