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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Video Advertising at and for Bloggers and independent Video Publishers

Video advertising is an emerging market. Forecasts expect the largest growth rates for this segment of internet advertising in the near future. This should be reason enough to contemplate video activities either by publishing or for advertising. Another strong argument to become involved with video is search engine marketing as by universal search videos have become an integrated part of search engine results. Here there are two interesting video advertising services, which do serve adverts to videos on blogs and websites. What makes these systems outstanding is the opportunity to earn money with own and even third party and shared videos.

CaptainAd is a video advertising system for blogs and websites. To put it on a website just a brief code needs to be copied into the website code. Then the system automaticly finds the video codes within a website and serves adverts to the video. The advertising format is text advertising by an overlay.

Something completely different is offered by Husky Media. The system, too, is dedicated to bloggers and publishers and works with own and third party or shared videos. But the advertising format is completely different. It is a full page ad, which is displayed in the background while the video is playing.

Both video advertising system are surprisingly easy to implement for publishers and work with a simple line of code. Advertisers of course find information at the mentioned websites, too.

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