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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vertical Microblogging Service for Media and Convergence

Vertical services always arise where there is something popular or a proven concept and where a particular topic might be of interest to a particular group. This now happens to microblogging. Just a couple of days there has been the release of Yammer with a microblogging enterprise solution.

blippr is a microblogging service for all kind of media, books, games, movies and music. They got a modern social networking approach by integrated up to date services like lifestreaming to follow posts of others and by enabling discussions. Furthermore profiles may become connected with other social media services. Other features are for voting and to organize information about media.

Another trend is to merge microblogging with other social networking features like Dwigger does for voting of Twitter posts.

A service with a strong social networking emphasis is Weplug. Whereas post are still limited to 160 characters, there are a lot of social networking means integrated. At the homepage there is are typical news ratings with popular and upcoming messages. People may organize in groups for discussions and there are lifestreams for following.

Utterz, now Utterli, is completely multimedia enabled service, where people can send in text and audio messages, photos and videos. It is a real comfortable service with groups for discussions. By widgets messages may even become posted to webpages. Utterz is primarily made to communicate by mobile phones, but has a web interface, too.

Something fascinating about microblogging and the social networking scene is the speed of development. It is remarkable that within the social web there already happens media convergence between these new media services. Click the following to find more microblogging services.

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