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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Internet Advertising with Chitika

Chitika is an internet advertising network offering an unique banner format especially suitable for the upcoming shopping season. This advertising format is the Chitika eMiniMalls. These eMiniMalls are commerce enabled banners showing targeted product features. Targeting may happen by keywords or behavioral targeting. Behavioral targeting is a technology targeting users in their intention.

In particular the Chitika eMiniMalls show up hot products and do have some further functions at the menu. There are tabs with hot deals and a search function to find other products. The banners are fully customizable by colors and available in a broad range of standard banner sizes to fit into a common ad inventory.

Further advertising formats offered by Chitika are relevant product features for websites, in text advertising transforming text parts into linked items and an advertising service for parked domains. Information about advertiser services is available at the Chitika homepage.

Chitika has a great service and payments are handled by paypal. It is an option at all and might be a most suitable supplement for the shopping season to any website.

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