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Monday, September 08, 2008

Widgets for Live Chat and Communications

Some new widgets came up for live chat and communications. Even video chat on blogs is feasible.

The first one is SideSparks. It is a free chat application that enables live chat on a blog or website. What is great with this chat widget is its immersive web features, which enables chat with others at the blogosphere or the web beyond the own site. This feature is named tagged chat. It is tagging topics at participating sites to led people find interesting topics. Cross border features are great for sites with low traffic to populate an application.

Toksta is an instant messaging and video chat widget. It works by webcam and is designed for usage at social media sites. It is free and offering a business opportunity by revenue sharing of the advertising income.

Similar features are offered by mabber, a mobile connected instand messaging widget, meebo me with chat and Wengo Visio with audio and video. There are a couple of further services offering text messaging and phone widgets.

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