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Friday, September 12, 2008

Lifestreaming and Blogging

Lifestreaming has not been an issue for now at this blog, but it is popular and by this necessary to become mentioned. Reason gives an article about the relationship of blogging and lifestreams related to the most popular lifestreaming service FriendFeed and microblogging services, too. Lifestreaming may become described as another particular social networking format, by which social media activities become aggregated. This happens by submitting the user name of other social networks to a lifestreaming service, which automaticly generates a stream or timeline of social media activities. These streams show when a member writes a blog post or share a video and the like. It enables others to follow someones activities or the lifestream may become embedded at homepages to tell others about own activities. It is useful for relationships or may be used to increase the reputation.

The article mentioned above is talking about the impact of lifestreams related to blogging and shows the popularity of lifestreaming services. It is telling that bloggers who do use lifestreams do restrict their blogging activities, which is a noteworthy impact. So lifestreaming services and as well other services like microblogging may substitute rather early social media services. This is a remarkable and speedy development. In the following there is the article.

What is FriendFeed’s Effect on Blogging?

As it happens with popular services there become tools developed around them. This happened to FriendFeed lately. One of the first tools is FFholic, which is a popularity index for shared entries, comments and rooms (groups). Some further tools have become compiled by Mashable at Top 10 Web Applications for FriendFeed. Another noteworthy lifestreaming service is Lifestream.fm, which I already saw often embedded at homepages. This service, which has coming out of private beta lately, enables to put a stream on a site and even facilitates streaming to mobile devices. Further lifestreaming services you may find at FOLDEN.INFO - Social Networking

If you like to connect at friendfeed, click the emediablogger profile.

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