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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Connected Virtual Reality Worlds

On 31th July Second Life has announced the public beta of the Open Grid Protocol. This new technology enables to switch with one unique avatar between different virtual reality worlds and might be described as a virtual reality aggregator. This is done by seperating the creation of avatars from the surrounding environment. Now by Syntronik a first service has started for creating avatars independently from a virtual world. Entering virtual worlds with an independently created avatar is enabled by the Open Grid Protocol. Below there is a video introducing at first Syntronik and later on the functions of the protocol.

Syntronik.de Screencast from MrTopf on Vimeo

There is already a large list of participating or developed virtual worlds supporting the open grid protocol. Developers and webmaster may start their own world with the open source software OpenSimulatur. Further information for developers is available at the Open Grid Public Beta and Open Grid Protocol homepages, current news by the Second Life Blog and OpenSimulatur News.

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