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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Navigaya, Meta Search Engine and Surfboard

This is a must see meta search engine and surfboard. To me it is the best designed search engine and board I saw for long, which I may describe in the range of new interfaces. For searching the most important search engines are available and for surfing and daily tasks a lot of informative and useful tools. I started this post with a brief description because the site appeared a bit slow to me, probably because of the multimedia features and the amount of tools.

So the name and the link is Navigaya and what a visitor sees first are music videos. These are arranged by top DJ's. To navigate the site one needs to learn and try a bit. Everything works by mouse over functions. If one navigates the mouse to the middle of the site, the box of the meta search appears..While searching the music keeps playing and some popups come up. This is what happens to all tasks. All popups may become expanded to full screen.

At the top left there is a music and video search box with a player to pause the music. When searching for music or videos another popup comes up at the middle of the page. Now one may edit own playlists or choose from one of the DJ's.

Further tools are available at the bottom of the page, which become visible by navigating with the mouse to the bottom. There is a lot of stuff available, the playlists again, links to well known email and social media services, office tools and information like news and weather. There is also a log in to share with others. For news there are two further menus at the middle and the right of the top.

More about new interfaces.

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