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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Business with User generated Content

Business Thursday: Today everybody can do business at the internet and everybody may be a producer. This may happen by affiliate marketing or widgets, citizen journalism or by video. There are really great opportunities today and another one is called user generated content. At specialized marketplaces creators of content, programers, writers and other creatives may meet with buyers to negotiate and trade.

gazhoo is a marketplace for documents of all kinds. There are four categories, business forms and presentations, legal forms, market research and last but not least reports and essays. This might be a business opportunity for specialists and creative writers.

A more social approach has hurox by being market and social network alike. There are a lot of tools to communicate and to find or to meet friends. At hurox people can create own pages and albums of their content and present it to the community and the public. Pages and albums may contain photos, music and videos. Community members are able to set a price to sell their content or to earn by content sharing. To promote content there are contests and social networking tools like ratings, recommendations and content sharing.

The qoop marketplace is completely dedicated to social media and has the broadest approach. At qoop mostly all kinds of documents and media are traded. This embraces recipes as well as creative writings, poems or paintings. Members are encouraged to make mash ups of content and to share and sell stuff at the social web.

Pikicentral is a solution for websites to enable visitors to upload or to manipulate content and to buy prints of it. It is a complete business solutions, which handles payments, does print the products and delivers the goods.

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