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Friday, September 05, 2008

A TV Set with 3D Screen

I talked about the IFA fair and 3d screens and possible innovations in this range. Now a press release has reached me about a company offering a 3d tv set. Unfortunately I have not seen it at the fair, but I took some information from a press release and related reports on the internet. In former years I saw several manufacturers presenting 3d screens, which I would describe as in an early stage because of the image quality, which at least lags behind the hd trend. The reason why they have disappeared might be problems with the market entry and high product prices because of the early stage or buy out by others. What I have recognized beside the following this year has been a research project in the range of autostereoscopy.

Now there is Charisma (the homepage is german only), which at first presented its innovation in 2006 at the IFA. They have developed a solution to transform usual tv signals into a 3d experience. The up to date product has a modern flat screen and does offer an up to date or even better image quality, which is described and reported as amazing because of the natural 3d experience. While watching one looks into a horizon as one does in the real world, which means a real adventure. There are 3 screen sizes available, 46, 50 and 60 inches. The technology is already employed for medical usage. Prices are from 14,500.- up to 32,500.- Euro.

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