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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summary of the Live Coverage

Blogging while visiting the IFA has been the first live blogging experience at this blog. Here are some additional information and some tips for live a coverage. I used the Mail to Blogger function and sent the messages by mobile phone. It always took some time to type a message and to send it. Cover it Live has been an option, but time was to short to be prepared. Another thing I experienced but had expected is the need to check website addresses. The latter is because sometimes addresses are used where there is no relevant information and secondly because at fairs products are presented without additional information at a company homepage. So some corrections have been done to the posts.

The overall impression by the fair is that home netwoking has become a common facility at consumer electronics as mostly all products are enabled to exchange data in some way. This may happen by direct internet or cable connection, wireless technologies, usb or sd cards. The same is due to high definition at larger screens, where there are already improvements done leading towards ultra high definition video. My personal highlights have been the PCTV by Daewoo and BD Live by Panasonic, which both are able to enrich and even change the experience at tv sets. BD Live may offer amazing possibilities to design interactive games or interactive video.

Further information from the IFA is available at IFA International. At FOLDEN.INFO there is a further up to date coverage of new media innovations and mobile media as well as about new social media services and social networking.

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