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Monday, September 22, 2008

AdBrite Internet Advertising Marketplace

AdBrite is an internet advertising marketplace offering a broad range of advertising formats. Advertisers may buy and publishers sell their advertising space and set a desired price. AdBrite has started with basic banner and text advertising. Meanwhile there are various advertising formats offered making it an interesting network to monetize multimedia and video. The newest feature that is announced at the website is behavioral targeting.

At first there are full page ads also know as interstitial advertising. These ads will display before a visitor may see a page. Visitors have the option to visit the advertised service, wait or skip the ad to go immediately to the content. Next there are Inline Ads, which is in text advertising transforming keywords within a text automaticly into paid advertising links referring to an advertised service.

Something that seems to be a unique feature is BritePic. BritePic enables to monetize images and photos by adding interactivity. This happens by an overlay format as it is used for interactive video. What makes it even a useful tool are some further functions. Beside an ad there is a menu added, which enables to share an image. Another feature is a watermark to protect an image. There is a particular website with an introduction to BritePic.

Another multimedia format offered is video advertising. The AdBrite InVideo advertising format uses a proprietary video player, which again enables video sharing and embedding videos at other sites and which protects media by watermarking. Video advertising works by uploading. To support a larger amount of videos there is an api offered.

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