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Friday, September 12, 2008

Virtual Reality Worlds and Social Networking

There have some further virtual reality worlds entered the market. Some do stay on their own and some do offer social networking facilities.

sosauce is a social network offering 3d features to represent themselves. The social media community is build around three main issues: writing, photo sharing and travel documentations. Members may arrange their media in an own virtual 3d space, where they can meet and chat with others.

Twinity, already mentioned for a film festival and a virtual replica of Berlin, now has opened this week for public beta and invites everyone to join.

Another community combining social networking and virtual reality is the still in beta invite and invitation by request Just leap in.

If there will come up as many virtual worlds as there are coming up social media sites, these new worlds probably will need approaches like the Open Grid for collaboration or an immmersive web strategy to succeed. It seems to become a similar scenario like it happesn today with the social web, where services have started to collaborate to stay up to date with the newest features. If services act alone and do not have an outstanding feature, they will not be able to attract and keep their customers.

A hint for researching: Today virtual reality is also called the Metaverse, a term is based on an utopian novel used by developers and some services.

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