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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Favtape.com for instant Music Playlists

Favtape.com is a service to easily create music playlists. Playlists are edited like microblogs as it happens at Tumbltape for music sharing. But the Favtape.com has other focal points. There is a music search engine and there are integrated interfaces to Last.fm and Pandora, another music sharing site and a music search engine, to create playlists of bookmarked songs and tracks. Another great feature are lists of top songs from the year 1901 until today. Here is a playlist of the roaring twenties: favtape.com/top/1925

Favtape.com has also been featured at the up to date music and video news at traexs.com, which you may follow by feed or at twitter.com/traexs.

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