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Friday, September 19, 2008

Live Video by Mobile Phone Camera for Bloggers

Personal broadcasting by using a mobile phone camera is one of the most amazing new applications, which has already often been covered at this blog. Posts about this are sampled by live video.

One of these services is Kyte.tv now offering a solution targeting bloggers and small sized publishers at their company homepage. The solution enables to stream live and recorded video either from a webcam or by mobile phone directly to a blog or website. There are a couple of nice and useful features integrated like chat, rss and sms notifications. All features are included at the players at the Kyte.tv homepage.

Another great service that enable video broadcasting by using a mobile phone is zaplive.tv. I already heard about several events that have been streamed there live. They got a schedule to be informed about upcoming shows.

At a first post in May about live mobile video I estimated that this is a niche with about some thousand active users. Meanwhile popular channels have been visited several 100.000 times at Kyte.tv.

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