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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blogging Tools, Blog Advertising and Social Networking

Business Thursday: Using aggregators to organize social media activities has already been an issue at this blog. This post contains an update about social media aggregators and aggregated blog posts. There are interesting new services available, which in part are dedicated to enterprise activities. For social media marketing and monetization there are a couple of new blogvertising services available for advertising at blogs and the social web.

Aggregated Blog Posting

WriteToMyBlog is a free online word processor for aggregated blog postings and post management, which means that articles are administrated online and might become posted to several blogs. It is an advanced social media integrated tool that enables to fetch images and videos from other social media sources and post these within an article. The output comes along with trackback url's and tags. Posts may become edited and deleted within this online tool. Other software tools for aggregated blogging are w.bloggar, which is available as computer software and by a portable version to become installed at usb sticks.

Blog and Social Media Advertising

Technorati Media is an advertising network managed by Technorati (review). The ad network is dedicated to blog and social media publishers and the advertisiing format is described as an innovative conversational approach suiting the needs of the social media sphere.

Mog Music Network is a vertical advertising network for music blogs and sites. Posts become syndicated with mog newsfeeds and publishers get a share of the advertising revenue.

Nuffnang offers blogvertising for the asian blogosphere like Advertlets.

Social Media Aggregators

Anywr merges social web activities with other every day internet tasks like email. It is a social networking tool and organizer for all contacts. It aggregates social media as well as email and other contacts. The service makes updates of contact data and synchronizes these across various devices. For social networking there is a microblogging feature available and lifestreaming to stay informed about activities of friends and others.

Moli is a social media aggregator available in several languages and with solutions for enterprises. For professional usage there is the ability to manage several profiles and groups. Furthermore it is a social network for private sharing and business networking.

You may find further new social networking tools at the update of FOLDEN.INFO:
Social Networking Update and Social Networking

By the way: You may have recognized that FOLDEN.INFO has been cited and linked by this blog several times. It is just an associated service and a comprehensive internet marketing and interactive media source and by this used to refer to further services, if useful. You may also read the monthly emarketing articles at the left.

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