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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Advertising Revenue by shortened URL's

Shortened url's have been around for a while and beome mostly used to shorten long terms for blogs or email. Lately they have become popular and necessary beside nice at microblogging because of the limited text length.

Now Adjix is offering a new service for short links that monetizes. It works like every link abbreviation service, where the most popular probably is TinyURL.com. At Adjix outcoming links are supplied with an unobstrusive advertisement. This advert is displayed at the top of a page within a frame. Here is an example. It seems to be a thoughtful concept as even the ad may become switched off to visit the original url. This is even a unique and useful feature.

For microblogging power users this is a business opportunity that might generate a reasonable income.

Another short url service with a unique feature is twitURL (.de). This one has a suggest feature for the resulting abbreviated url. This is nice to get a shortened url with a generic name. I needed a brief url for a Twitter post and generated twiturl.de/business for the weekly Business Thursday column.

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