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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Music Sharing Trends

Cool music sharing sites have come up. At some one can be the dj and create own channels and playlists to share music with friends and even at the internet. Here are some sites and a brief review about the history of music at the internet and some hints.

One of my favorites is Blip.fm, which is a new and modern music sharing site. Members get own homepages and can create playlists from a pool or upload own music. By the latter it is a service for independents to promote their music. There are tools available to vote for dj's, to share music at the internet and to promote songs at other social media sites.

Another one is Tumbltape. This services automaticly picks up music files, which are posted at the Tumblr microblogging service. Too, the playlists do look like microblogs like e.g. the tuneage's Tumbltape. Nice and easy.

Both are for social networking, too, and if one uses Blip.fm one can send tracks automaticly to Tumblr and get a Tumbltape playlist.

What is strange about music sharing is that it has started lately and there are much more video sharing than music sharing sites. Controversially to the discussion about copyrights first music pages at the internet either have been informative or made for independents to promote music. Early movers have been ArtistServer, beatmaka and SoundClick. Other pages like ccMixter do enable musicians to cooperate at the internet by exchanging sounds or by offering online music tools.

Music sharing I guess at first started with podcasting. Because of this competition by the new possibilities for independents to promote their music the discussion about copyrights rather seemed a business issue to me and annoying. Opposite to this copyrights of course remain an issue. What is difficult in the todays music business is to distinguish between promotions and unauthorized uploads. For legal sharing one may join a service that offers songs, upload own music or look for musicians that offer Creative Commons or License Art Libre licensed tracks. These are licensing initiatives to enable musicians to cooperate and fans to download and share music.

If you like to obtain more frequent information about music downloads, sharing and opportunities for music promotion, I may recommend the following just started newsfeed: TRAEXS Music and Video News by TRAEXS.COM

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