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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Twitter Apps and Research Tools

Some new and great Twitter applications and tools have been introduced to ease the use, for marketing and researching the Twittersphere.

Phweet is for conferencing and to make phone calls using Twitter. It works with the original login data and by appointing a connection. To connect with someone a message will be sent with a special Phweet link. If the recipient accepts the call by clicking on this link, the session will start.

Tweetake is a service for data back up.

TwitStamp creates buttons with the title and link of the latest post and profile cards. These buttons may be used at other social media pages and websites.

twitterfeed.com is a tool to automaticly post newsfeed updates to twitter. To use twitterfeed.com an OpenID is needed.

twittad facilitates advertising at member profiles. Advertising prices start with under 1 dollar and are up to about 20 dollars, usual durance is from 7 days up to 1 month. Choosing adspace is conveniently done by a list. What is unusual is that the ads are pure display ads and not clickable.

monitter does real time research for customizable terms. A nice feature is to narrow the research locally by a box at the upper left. To follow posts about a particular term there are newsfeeds available and widgets.

Last but not least a Twitter inspired digital art installation: Waiting

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