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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Social Media Statistics and Trends

Up to date statistics about social media usage have been reported today by several blogs. Here are some key figures.

The most amazing number is about Twitter, which by 419 % has had the largest growth rate compared to one year ago. This may explain the many tools and the popularity of microblogging. Ning, a supplier of customizable social media software is second with 387 % and third Tagged with 352 %. The only vertical network within the toplist is Last.fm, a music site. MySpace is still the largest social media site followed by Facebook, but the growth rates have been 2 % compared to 100 %. In the following there is the article with an embedded sheet.

Twitter is Growing Like Crazy: Up 422 % in 12 Months

Another remarkable figure is about the usage of social media within enterprises. It is adopted to about 70 %. It is either used for marketing purposes and public relations by about 60 % of enterprises and to about 75 % for other business purposes. Enterprises have adopted various means from blogs to video sharing.

Report: Nearly 70% of Businesses Allow Social Media Usage

Video meanwhile has reached almost everyone at the net with 75 % of the US internet audience having watched video online in some way. The article is questioning the reliability of this figure and has a poll on the site. I added some further sources to the article stating that 48 % have visited a video sharing site in January and 70 % percent watched video online in March.

Comscore Says Almost Everyone (75%) in the US Now Watches Video Online
Increased Use of Video-sharing Sites
Internet video poised for explosive expansion in viewing

Last but not least there has been a coverage of a press release by blinkx stating that they are the fastest growing video site in the US and UK. blinkx offers several business opportunies with video.

blinkx Fastest Growing Video Site

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