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Friday, September 05, 2008

Video Business, Advertising and Sources

As internet video emerges so the services for video advertising and video business are doing. Another breed is related to use internet video at ecommerce. Here are a couple of new services and sources.

Cliplister is dedicated to ecommerce and a video platform for product videos, Retailers may obtain videos and manufactures may distribute videos for internet promotion. Cliplister supplies the platform and does the clearing of copyright issues to assure the legal usage of the videos.

Mixpo offers a video advertising platform for small and medium sized enterprises to collaborate with marketing agencies, advertising networks and other market participants like publishers.

ReelSEO is a source specialized in video marketing and search engine optimization for internet video. Beside this there is a broad range of related information available.

Video Breakouts does research and tracking of internet video and supplies a weekly top 100 list every monday. Furthermore there are lists of top movers and widgets to get the latest trends and videos.

Finally some industry information. At first there is standardization, which is a crucial factor because of the various video formats and players that are on the market. Related to this issue the internet standardization authority W3C has launched a group called Video in the Web. Related to video advertising best practices and information about ad formats are available by the IAB at Ad Standards & Guidelines. Last but not least a research paper about internet video and web tv (PDF) by Roland Berger is available. If video podcasting is an issue, the Podcast Downloading 2008 study by PEW Internet might be interesting.

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