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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something more about 3D Screens

There have been a couple of articles about 3d screens and technologies at this blog beside virtual reality issues. Some have been about new graphic programs using algorithms to make 3d a reality and others about manufacturers offering 3d ready screens and even tv sets.

Today I read an article reporting about new products introduced at the CES. These products are tv sets using a technology that already has been applied in the fifties or sixties, which is using glasses for a 3d experience. Whereas I know from modern 3d cinema that 3d with glasses is a real great experience I wonder how this is related to up to date technologies, which makes 3d a reality by using software. Related to 3d without this old technology the article mentions various difficulties from production to technological issues.

Various I am not an expert in this field, this seems to be a strange case to me. Opposite to the mentioned arguments I wonder, if this might be an issue of different technological developments and worlds. The latter is something I have often recognized related to the internet elite and old media. The approach at the article claims that there are various cameras needed to make a 3d movie. How does this match with the mathematical approach of 3d software, which is even able to generate a 3d image from existing 2d footage? Wouldn't it be easier and more favorable to develop a new system that digitally store data instead of employing an analog approach using several cameras, which at the end obliges the viewer to wear glasses?

3D is coming to a living room near you

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