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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comparison of HD Video Services at the Internet

Cnet's Webware did a test of hd video services at the internet, which has started to become a common standard at the internet. Nice to know, today the internet with its 1 billion netizens is the largest unique hd platform, no other platform can compete with this reach.

The Webware test compared six internet video services with hd quality. Part of the comparison has been image quality of still and moving images. But what to internet users might be more important are factors like maximal length and storage, which is shown in a nice chart. So the test is fine, but it does not embrace all hd video services at the internet. There are some more hd video services and some are specialized in professional or semi professional usage. If you like a broader choice, click here for further hd video services.

Which HD video Web service is the best?

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