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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visit my Google Friend Connect

Business Thursday: I set up a Google Friend Connect community at an associated website, which can be visited here and like to share some experiences. Probably you have already heard about Google Friend Connect and others aggregated social networking services, which do enable social networking features at third party websites like aggregated access to these social networking features to users and to connect with others across the web. This kind of feature has been covered at this blog by the term immersive web. To be named other popular aggregators are Facebook Connect, MySpace Open Platform and last but not least the open source initiative OpenID.

Advantages of these service are the easy access to websites for users without submitting a broad range of data at every service visited and to have their friends with them. Especially to small publishers it is an opportunity to get community features on a website as developing an community is not an easy task. Further interesting opportunities by aggregated networks do arise to advertisers as describe at this article.

Actually I have started to use Google Friend Connect at one of my websites, FOLDEN.INFO. My experience for now is that it is easy to start using the service. This is done by an easy to use webbased configurator without programming scills. Beside a code just two files have to be put into the directory of a website and the service is ready to work. Another reason to recommend Google Friend Connect as a website feature are the various ways to join such a website community. This may happen by account data of popular services and by OpenID.

Next I will enrich the FOLDEN.INFO website by putting some information onto the directory pages from integrated blogs. To do this I have searched for a feed mashup tool yesterday. I wanted to try something new, but found my own site and within the site RSS Mix. This works fine and I may warmly recommend FOLDEN.INFO as a source for marketing, tools and up to date services. So have a look for Google Friend Connect on FOLDEN.INFO, you are welcome.

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