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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tool to transform MMOG into Flashgames

CNet has published a most interesting article about a tool to transform 3d games into 2d games, which probably will have a major impact on gaming and which merges the web with mmog games.

It is really revolutionary, which already shows the fact that there never has been developed a game for these two different platforms. But the successions are even better. This enables to interact by using the flash format of a game with 3d gaming worlds, which usually require to install a software. And by using the flash format one may install a game at third party and social networking sites to play with people within a massively multiplayer online games environment. There are even further options mentioned at the CNet article like offering downsized versions for promotional purposes as mmog environment mostly have great 3d environments.

If you like to see a showcase how a 3d game looks in 2d or like to play, visit Battle.

The tool has been developed by Multiverse Networks. The company, which provides a platform to develop mmog games, is running some further interesting projects. At first there is (actually in beta) Metaplace, an online service enabling everyone to create its own virtual world. The second one is My Places (Introduction). It is a browser and software, which connects several different virtual worlds, which lets users create a virtual identity and social network. This approach is most similar to the Open Grid project. The My Places service is already working, the software can be downloaded here.

Find further articles about virtual reality.

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