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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Changes at emediablogger and emediablogger @Twitter

The change concerns how posts are streamed to Twitter and the frequency of posts at the emediablogger blog as well as the german audience (now there exists a german version, too.). Others of course are invited, too.

There have been less posts here, because I started two blogs with similar content at my main project FOLDEN.INFO and wanted to avoid duplicate content at the emediablogger Twitter account, where all posts of all blogs have been aggregated. So the following is especially important to Twitter followers who are interested in the internet marketing and emedia posts of FOLDEN and the german audience.

Posts at emediablogger will happen more frequently again, but the posts of the FOLDEN Internet Marketing Blog and FOLDEN eMedia Blog will no longer be available at emediablogger @ Twitter. If you like to follow the FOLDEN posts, you may either subscribe to the internet marketing and emedia feeds or follow both at folden.info @ Twitter.

To the german audience now there are two german spoken blogs available: FOLDEN.DE Internet Marketing (feed) and FOLDEN.DE eMedia (feed). Too, posts of both blogs are available at folden.de @ Twitter.

I guess it is useful to you and and I hope you enjoy the content and will update your subscriptions to your convenience and keep following. And I guess it is necessary as I do not want to become known as the first twammer (I meant Twitter Spammer. Is there already a name for this?).

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