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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: Personal Analytics

Klout is a service, that describes itself as personal analytics. By this tool one may measure its influence on the internet or the social web. Especially this might be interesting for bloggers and others, that are active in the semi professional environment of the social web with its business opportunities for everyone. By taking it serious one is able to analyze its own strengthes and to maximize the influence in particular communicaiton channels. This might be a well foundation to get into business with professional marketers, who are seeking influencers to spread their messages.

1 Kommentare:

krypin said...

We're just developing StatsCollector which is an online tool that helps you overcome these problems by helping you find and analyse patterns in your life based on your personal statistics. Please sign-up for beta testing and help us to improve it! http://www.StatsCollector.com

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