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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blogging Business

Business Thursday: There have been launched a couple of new and useful services for improved and professional blogging, that have not been mentioned for now.

At first there is Bloggapedia. It is a new launched blog directory and community with a couple of interesting features. At all it is a directory, where bloggers may submit their blogs. Additionally members are able to rate blogs Both members and popular blogs may become featured at the homepage. The directory is searchable for blogs as well as contributions by members. Last but not least there is a tool box. which is not comprehensive but contains a useful list of blogging tools. If you visit Bloggapedia to submit a blog, do not miss the list of blog directories at the tool box.

Two further blogging communities are Blogger Talk and FreelanceBlogger. Blogger Talk is a blogging source and support community for discussions with information and help forum. There is also a blog directory and source page. FreelanceBlogger.net is community for the blog business, that connects bloggers with companies.

Another but different kind of blogger support is offered by GooseGrade. By connecting authors and readers GooseGrade aims to improve the writing style and to help bloggers to correct spelling and writing errors. This works by a widget, where improvements may become suggested.

By the way, a new blog publishing service has launched using Twitter usernames for login. The service is called Twitblogs. The service combines the microblogging features of Twitter and common blog facilities like usual length of posts and multimedia publishing.

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