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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Content Monetization and Social Sharing

Grouptivity is a content sharing tool for information sharing with monetization opportunity to publishers. The tool works with plugins both for information sharing and to enable the process. Once the tool has become implemented into a blog or a website visitors are enabled to share the content and to start co browsing and sharing the content. This leads to a viral effect by spreading the content across the web by promoting the content source. To publishers there is a monetization opportunity by integrated adverts. The advertising revenue even goes 100 % to the publisher as the key issue to Grouptivity is to develop publisher tools.

2 Kommentare:

sare said...

Very cool.. !00% revenue for the publisher? Where's the catch?

emediablogger said...

I guess there isn't a catch. They are in the publishing business and aim to grow. The post is just an article, I didn't used an affiliate scheme for this post.

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