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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advertising and Money with Twitter

Business Thursday: Twitter is the fastest growing social network as reported in September. Figures in September have been 400 % growth rate. Meanwhile I read that about 6 million users have been reached and found an interesting article lately about upcoming features and strategies to monetize the service. Advertising will not be an issue told Evan Williams, one of the founders. Monetization probably will happen by charging companies, who want to reach twitter users at the platform.

But one nice thing about Twitter is the openness of the services by its api and the possibility for third parties to develop services relying on the platform. By this at least two advertising services have become developed to earn money and to reach users by advertising, which are most different.

The newer advertising network is be a magpie. This ad network matches advertisers with users based on interests. At the adverts keywords are used within tweets to reach interested parties. Keywords may be found by the various Twitter services like search engines. Additionally tweets containing ad messages are marked with a #magpie hashtag. The earning is calculated by the general popularity of a topic and the numbers of followers. To join the be a magpie network one must submit the Twitter member name at the homepage at first. Then the amount of possible earnings becomes calculated and a sign up form appears.

The second advertising service network relying on Twitter is Twittad, which has already been mentioned at a former article about Twitter tools. Twittad offers advertising by uploading background graphics.

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