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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Video Commerce Platform with Widgets

Qoof has an interesting offer to both, publishers and retailers. The service enables to publish videos at social networks by widgets. The customizable widgets do carry promotional videos as well as commerce facilities. To publishers this works like usual affiliate programs, which means that earnings are generated by referral fees. There are even solutions for parked domains.

To retailers it is a most comfortable service by offering various ways to become involved in video shopping and connected to publishers as well as to customers. If a retailer is ready to go, there are several solutions to start. One may start by using own media or use the Qoof video production tools to create new videos. To start to distribute the videos there is already a complete network of publishers available, which may become affiliates to spread the videos and to sell the advertised products. Last but not least Qoof even enables to become involved with customers by letting them create customized videos as user generated advertising.

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